1. About Me!

Well currently I’m at  home, have been working and have plans to work in future as well, married to an army officer so one thing that I cannot escape is moving to new places, meeting new people and having wonderful new experiences. This is something that excites me and makes me enjoy my life to the fullest. I have travelled about a dozen countries and wish to visit plenty more. I have recently shifted, with my husband, to a small, pleasant, far flung beautiful town in northern areas of Pakistan from the dusty capital, Riyadh, of Kingdom Saudi Arabia. I love travelling and meeting new people but my motivation behind coming here is writing. I have never given it a serious try before but now I’m inclined to learn to express my feelings, thoughts and opinions through writing and getting some response too. I love drawing, taking pictures, arts and crafts, interior decor, little bit of reading sometimes, playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare and cards (winning by luck only), have written a few poems too, these days I’m trying my luck at baking and so far the expedition has been delicious. Self-praise. I’m totally new here and have no clue about what blogging is, hope I get to learn something.


About Marriam Khurram

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